Homescapes: The final face-off


Are you facing troubles while playing the rush war? Are you new to the game? Do you want to get better with its tactics by knowing more about it? Well, if yes then we are here to assure you about the tips here. We will take you to the basics of the game as well but before that make sure to use the Homescapes cheats. Thereby, you will not get stuck because of the credits.


Talking about the gameplay then basically there are three bases in the game that you will require destroying at each stage. The game, however, is having a little complex strategy; therefore, to take down all three of the lanes, you will need to learn the tactics.

So, let me take you to the different elements in the game that you should know necessarily

·         Units

To devastate the bases, the game allows you, several different groups. These units work differently on various ranges and thus are having unique abilities. A player must use them correctly and for the right ranges to grasp the trophy of victory.

To check the use of the units first you should use them and test what attacks they do, how much damaging they are, up to what range they are good. You should also check whether they are ammo type or the grenade’s type that explodes.  It will help you understand their use correctly, and you can strategize your assault on that base.

·         Shields

The shield is made by the small shield soldiers who protect the entire team a little bit from all the chaos happening around. Therefore, they can take only a few hits till they have the shields. After that, they have a small health bar as well.

·         Paths

In some stages, two paths are there, which is why you need to make different strategies. First of all, you should choose the path, having less number of defenders and takedown them with your team.

·         Chests and treasure for currencies

Apart from all the above, chests are also one of the most important things to collect in the game. Thereby if you are unable to get a generous amount of them then Homescapes hack is your best buddy. Using it, you will be able to improve your gameplay too much extent. 

That’s all for this guide. Hope our guide was helpful to you and provided you with a good amount of information about the basic elements of the game Homescapes.